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Here at OzBuddie, we are happy to now be offering you our brand new integration of a variety of different Engraving Fonts for you to pick from on a select amount of designs*
Choose from a selection of 9 Styles to create your Personalised pieces for an even more One-of-a-kind Touch!

Simply view our Font Styles in the picture below, and make your selection from the drop down menu featured on the individual product page for your chosen pieces!
Don't forget to browse our Engraving Info & Tips below as well.

Engraving Info & Tips

Engraving Shown On Product Pictures

Please note that writing shown on display images and their computer generated fonts are for representation purposes only!
It is there to indicate that the piece is engravable, and also to show the engravable locations that each piece will include.

Engraving Fonts Used
The engraving font used for a large majority of actual products is the 'Default Font', unless stated otherwise within an items' product description or unless a different style is selected by you on items that feature the drop down menu for Font Style Choice.
- If you do not select a choice for font style, your piece will be engraved with either the 'Default Font' or the font style that is listed within the product description.
*The drop down menu for font choice will only be visible for applicable designs

Engraving Application & Placement
Personalised Jewellery or Engraved items are hand-crafted/hand finished and may present with some minor imperfections.
Engraving is placed by hand, therefore positioning and alignment may not be 100% perfect like a typewriter.
These occurrences are not considered or treated as faults or major differences, but instead will additionally create more uniqueness to your one-of-a-kind piece!

Engraving Size
*Please remember for readability that engraving areas are small to begin with, therefore engraving size is not going to be big - so the more letters you choose, the smaller the engraving will be to fit it on your piece.
The maximum character limits indicated on each items product page is an indication only - smaller ring sizes/items should be especially considered to use less characters.
Font Choice may also additionally affect the size of the engraving - our 'Default Font' is good for easier readability in it's plain and upright style. 
Other fonts may take up more room due to their s p a c i n g, Bold or Italics lettering.

Capitals & Lower Case Letters
You can choose your engraving to be:
- all upper case/capital letters eg., LOVE FOREVER
- all lower case letters eg., love forever
- mixed case letters eg., Love Forever
Note: Please double check your typing before submitting your order as each piece will be engraved with your names/words as per how they are typed by you, with the exception of;
*Monogram pieces - These will be engraved with all upper case letters eg., CBA

Most symbols can be now be added with your engraving, for eg., ♡ ❤️ ∞ & - /    ❤️ Jack & Diane ❤️
Along with spaces, symbols do count towards the amount of characters used.
Note: Not all symbols will display correctly, or even at all when they are copied and pasted, so please add a note on your order as you go through checkout to tell us or send us a message on Facebook

Engraving Costs
All of our engravable pieces include your choice to have engraving done at no additional cost in the locations as indicated per each items product description and/or pictures.
Extra/alternative locations on a piece may be engravable upon request for an additional cost of AU $12 per each location. (i.e., adding additional engraving on the back of a bracelet)

Please contact us if you have any other questions or also check the
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