OzBuddie Care Policy



We happily offer you our OzBuddie Care Policy which enables you to re-order your items at a discounted rate to our regular retail pricing if for any reason your item;
- is damaged (including worn/plating fade/tarnish issues) 
- if you lose your item, drop it down a drain, or it gets stolen/goes missing in transit when you choose the Included Trackable Post option
- doesn't fit because you ordered the wrong size
- you break it, warp it, or damage is caused in your wash machine or dryer
- or even if your item no longer fits due to loss or gain of weight

*Re-orders provided under these circumstances must remain exactly the same as the original piece - same design, stones, colours and engraving text etc - ring size is the only accepted change if you made a size choice error.
*If your item/specific design is unavailable for reorder, we may apply a discount to the regular retail price of a similar available item.
*Discounted amount is subject to our ability and discretion and will vary depending on item/design.
*Discounted amount applies to the items regular retail price (items may not be eligible to be discounted further than current Sale or Clearance prices). 
*Limit of 1 discounted re-order per original item.

Simply contact us by email to ozbuddie@gmail.com or Facebook Message with your order number and let us know the item/s you would like to re-order and we'll get it sorted for you!

You can also contact us if you have any other questions or also check the Personalised Jewellery, Plated Jewellery Info & Care Page  
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