OzBuddie Customer Discount Vouchers



When you visit OzBuddie, you can save overall shopping time at checkout by creating an account and logging in. This will pre-fill your address information at the checkout for you.

  • We appreciate our customers, so to thank you for creating an account with us, you will get 10% off full price items on your next purchase! 

  • Plus you will get 10% off full price items on another purchase when you subscribe to receive our emails and newsletter!

  • But that's not all... We believe good things should also come in 3's!  So when you accept our push notifications on your mobile phone or computer, get another 10% discount on full price items!  

Aside from our regular sales, discount specials, and no more to pay at checkout with standard shipping included for most of our items, this gives you 3 different voucher codes to use when you shop with us!

How to get your discount codes: Sign up for your account, go to your emails to verify and activate it, and once you have activated your account you will receive a Welcome email containing your Discount Voucher Codes! 

  • To create an account click here
  • To login to your account click here
  • To subscribe to our emails click here
  • To subscribe to our push notifications - a popup will appear on your screen for you to accept

Discount Voucher tips:

  • Open your emails from us to check and see if you have received any discount codes
  • Some discount codes will be time sensitive and expire if unused within a certain time frame
  • Discount codes will only apply to all eligible items in your cart
  • In most cases, items that are on sale and showcased within the On Sale collection will not be eligible for additional discount

  • However, Discount voucher codes that you receive in your Welcome email will not expire and you may use those at any time in the future!
  • Don't forget to enter them during checkout!

If you have any questions or need any help, don't hesitate to contact our support team!

Cheers, OzBuddie.

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