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For something precious that is sure to be treasured, look no further than our range of Personalised Jewellery!  

From Rings and Pendants to Name Necklaces and Monogram Pieces, there is something for absolutely everyone - each made memorable and special by you!

The ability to choose Yours and your Children's, Wife or Husband's Birthstones, plus have their names or a special message engraved, make these a one of kind gift that your loved ones will know has come straight from the heart! 


 1. Browse our collection and choose which designs you love!
Our jewellery pieces are hand crafted/hand finished, with most being made of solid 925 Sterling Silver and finished with a Rhodium plating to give that beautiful lustre and shine to the silver look. Some pieces are also available with a gold or rose gold plated finish or made from Stainless Steel, Tungsten or Titanium. 

2. Select an available size and choose your Birthstone months or maybe just your favourite or team colours!

3. Decide if you would like to engrave a special message, names or an important date.
Engraving your jewellery is an optional extra offered at no additional cost as per each items description/photographs.
*Please remember for readability that engraving areas are small to begin with, so the more letters you choose, the smaller the engraving will be to fit it on your piece.
Coming Soon! Font Choice Selection will be added to Drop Down Menu's for select items only ~ View the Fonts & Engraving Information here!

4. Place your order and Your one a kind creation is now on it's way to being custom made!

5. Once your creation is finished, it is then on it's way to being delivered straight to your door.

Alongside the durable wear of Sterling Silver, most of the Birthstones are AAA Grade Cubic Zirconias.  Plus, with a 2 year Quality Guarantee from our producers that your creations are made with SOLID 925 Sterling Silver, you can rest assured that you really are getting a Sterling Silver metal base and create with confidence!



Personalised Jewellery or Engraved items are hand-crafted/hand finished and may present with some minor imperfections. Engraving is placed by hand, therefore positioning and alignment may not be 100% perfect like a typewriter.  These occurrences are not considered or treated as faults or major differences, but instead will additionally create more uniqueness to your one-of-a-kind piece!

We offer Worldwide Shipping to most locations with Postage Included on all of your custom made jewellery pieces (and most other items)!  If you would like this sent directly to a loved one, whether they are interstate or overseas, then please advise and give their full and correct mailing address.

Production and shipping time typically takes between 14 to 20 business days to arrive via the included shipping method, though may be more or less depending on your location, your country's postal system or during peak/holiday periods etc. Express Post may be purchased for applicable items during checkout to safeguard your items against loss/theft/damage during transit. For a tailored quote based on your country and order items, please contact us.

*Please note that Customers are responsible for any fees payable when item reaches it's destination, including customs fees or taxes (if any at all). Please contact your local customs and us if you have any concerns.

*The quality guarantee applies and refers only to the provision of a Sterling Silver base metal itself for applicable items. This does not apply to wear and tear related issues such as plated finishes which will naturally fade/wear away, nor after wearing for damage or occurrences of loose/lost stones, your individual skin reaction or tarnish to metals.  (See below for more information regarding plated jewellery).

*Please note that we are unable to resize rings/jewellery, so please choose your size carefully. Should your ring or jewellery need to be resized, your local jeweller will be able to advise you if this can be done to your item and advise you of any associated costs.
The purchase price of your jewellery does not include any resizing or alteration, re-plating or re-tipping of prongs, replacements or refunds for wrong size choice, or after wearing for items damaged, wear/fade of plating, stones that become loose/lost etc - all care and maintenance with associated costs is the responsibility of the wearer.

*Whilst we give a pictured reference of Stone/Birthstone colours, the colour is subject to the actual product itself and colours may vary in hue (lightness/darkness) from that pictured - colours may not look exactly the same due to factors such as lighting and screen differences.

*If you are wanting to order a size which is unavailable or not listed as a selection, contact us and we will happily enquire to find out if your chosen design is available in your size.

More FAQ's can be found here.


We happily offer you our OzBuddie Care Policy which enables you to re-order your items at a discounted rate to our regular retail pricing if for any reason your item;
- is damaged (including worn/plating fade/tarnish issues),
- if you lose your item, drop it down a drain, or it gets stolen/goes missing in transit when you choose the Included Trackable Post option
- doesn't fit because you ordered the wrong ring size
- you break it, warp it, or damage is caused in your wash machine or dryer
- or even if your item no longer fits due to loss or gain of weight

*Re-orders provided under these circumstances must remain exactly the same as the original piece - same design, stone colours and engraving etc - ring size is the only accepted change if you made a size choice error.
*If your item/specific design is unavailable for reorder, we may apply a discount to the regular retail price of a similar available item.
*Discounted amount is subject to our ability and discretion and will vary depending on item/design.
*Discounted amount applies to the items regular retail price (items may not be eligible to be discounted further than current Sale or Clearance prices). 
*Limit of 1 discounted re-order per original item.


Plated jewellery pieces are made with a base metal and are coated with a thin layer finish to give colour and shine - hence the term plating/plated.

Although the plating on jewellery is not wear-proof, it can be a cost effective alternative to solid or gold-filled products - mostly when the base metal is Silver or Gold because plating adheres better to those metals as opposed to others.  For example, Rhodium plating on Silver is a great way to add lustre and shine plus helps to protect the tarnish of the underlying Silver.  Solid Gold jewellery is also often asked to be plated to improve the overall finish or change the colour!

The question "How long will the plated finish last for?", is impossible to give an answer to with any indication as to the amount of time that it will last. The plating will diminish, fade and wear off, exposing the base metal underneath.
Fortunately, you can get most pieces re-plated by your local jeweller, which is typically a fast and inexpensive process.

NOTE: Gold & Rose Gold Plated pieces look pretty and give you 'the look' at a fraction of real gold prices, but because the Plating will fade and wear off we recommend these to be created more as Keepsake items for the occasional wear only eg., out to a special dinner.
The Rhodium Plated Silver pieces are more recommended instead for regular wear.
Therefore, our range of Plated designs have their Gold or Rose Gold Plating applied for free. We don't charge any extra and they are the same price as the Silver versions.  

The time in which the plating will wear off depends on many factors.
Plated jewellery may wear away quite quickly for some or last much longer for other people due to the acidity or ph balance of the skin. Other factors that affect the plating on jewellery are body sweat, contact with water, using chemicals, lotions, perfumes and doing cleaning duties whilst wearing them. 
How the jewellery is cleaned and how much exposure each piece has to the world also affects the longevity of the plating. For example, the plating on a ring will typically wear away much faster than that of a pendant, because rings will constantly rub against fingers and anything you handle during the course of a day.
To take care of your jewellery and help increase the longevity of the plating;

  • Do not bathe, shower, swim or wash your hands with your jewellery on
  • Take your jewellery off before physical activities or anytime your body is sweating
  • Do not expose your jewellery to cleaning products, chemicals, lotions, perfumes, cosmetics etc
  • Clean your jewellery gently with nothing more than warm water, being careful not to rub or buff
  • Keep your plated pieces stored separately in a soft container where there is nothing to rub against it


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